Our long journey

We're MyStore Track, a foremost one telematic and solutions provider within the space of GPS tracking. While the company was based in Cambodia for four years in the ago, we now have been on a mission to pursue excellence within the Telematics area. Aiming at sound and secure improvement, we set up workplaces around the country and have actively expanded a nationwide distribution community protecting greater than 4000 customers. Recently, we develop and use essentially the most cutting-edge advanced technologies in order to get GPS devices and software linked vehicles, assets and private monitoring areas.

Vision & Mission

Our objective and goal


To be the main professional provider of GPS Tracking & Asset Administration System, dedicated to standardize security in any corner and in each place of the nationwide.


While strengthen the security & safety for the individual users and businesses paid attention on increasing productivity, detecting and minimizing losses due to inefficiency, criminal activity and fraud waste & abuse, We're dedicated to offering practical, cost efficient wireless solutions to our clients.

Why Choose Us

It’s a competitive world out there.

Nationwide Support Services

We provide a country wide assistance in order to decrease your cost.

24/7 Support

Our expertly trained support team is ready to answer your questions and solve your problems 24/7 via phone, email or chat.

Quick Responses and Professional Advice

We are dedicated to not only providing the best GPS tracking devices, but also the best customer service and support.


We belief that our products provide superior assist in order that fleet managers all over the place can better handle their team. If any issues come up, we're fast to discover a answer that may guarantee minimal downtime.

Consumer Benefits

We wish to give prospects peace of thoughts realizing that their property, employees, and even their household are protected.

Dealer Benefits

Many of our products are specific to auto dealerships such as high margin, instantly locate vehicles, easy to install and remove,..etc.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We’ll help you find the right solutions for your business.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Best car tracking device cambodia shows the most top worth GPS vehicle tracker and fleet tracking solution in the business. Its demonstrated usefulness and quick sending effectively scales whether you're a private venture or an enormous undertaking association.

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